International Trade Consulting

Involvement with our Clients

As experts in anti-dumping and countervailing investigations, RC International Trade Consultants and its affiliates are involved in every stage of the international trade dispute proceedings.   We work closely with our clients from initiation of the investigation to the final determination of the investigation.

We participate in the preparation of the responses to the CBSA questionnaires, verification of the information by the competent authorities, the review and analysis of the preliminary determination and the final determination including attendance at the disclosure meeting with the CBSA to review and analyze the decisions made.  We also prepare the case arguments on behalf our clients on the contentious issues and the rebuttal arguments made on issues raise by opposing counsel.

For Canadian initiated investigations, our clients are offered competent representation by RCITC as well as through our affiliated Canadian law firms with demonstrated success in the international trade field and in representing clients in the Canadian International Trade Tribunal injury proceedings.

With regards to other countries initiated investigations, through our affiliation with exceptional and successful law firms in Brazil and Asia, RC International Trade Consultants is well positioned to offer our clients competent representation during the investigation phases and at the injury hearings that follow the dumping and subsidy investigations initiated by the competent authority of other countries.

Preparation of Response & Verification

Typically, shortly after initiation of an investigation, our team is on-site at our client’s location(s) to assist in preparing the responses to the questionnaires. In general, the information required relates to the administration of the company, its export and domestic sales, the cost of the goods manufactured and in subsidy investigations, the identification and determination of the benefits received under subsidy programs targeted by the investigating authorities.

We advise and guide our clients in a manner in which the responses are prepared in order to obtain the best results possible and to protect the confidentiality of proprietary information.

We pride ourselves on our ability to thoroughly prepare our clients for verification visits by the competent authorities. In this area, we are guided by our own experience in conducting similar investigations and in many instances, anticipate the questions asked by the investigators of the competent authority.

As experienced auditors and investigators ourselves, we understand the types of evidence required to satisfy the investigators during verification visits. No other consulting firm, Canadian or foreign, has this type of experience and level of expertise.