Jie Zhang, MBA

Jie Zhang, MBA
Executive Vice President
RC International Trade Consultants
Mobile Number: +(00) (31) (6) 3827-4209
E-Mail: jiezhang72021@gmail.com

Born in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, Ms. Zhang possesses a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (2005), from Zuyd University, one of Holland’s most prestigious universities.

Currently based in the Netherlands from 2019, Ms. Zhang is responsible for the coordination and management of RCITC’s global operations with a primary focus on the Asian and European operations.

Based in Shanghai, China, from 2002 to 2009, Ms. Zhang was a member of the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) verification team conducting numerous verification visits to companies all over China. As well, she has participated in many official meetings as part of the CBSA verification team, with the respective Government Agencies including the China’s Ministry of Commerce [MOFCOM]. As such, she has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the verification policies, proceedings and methodologies employed by the CBSA verification teams.

She was also the President of A & J International Consulting, a Shanghai-based company whose major business was providing interpretation and translation services. Her company was registered with the Canadian Embassy in Beijing and with the Canadian Consular offices in Shanghai and Guangdong. She currently is the President of JZ & Associates, a Shanghai based international trade consulting enterprise.

Ms. Zhang has since 2010 discontinued her association with the CBSA in order to concentrate on her responsibilities with RCITC. From that time to 2019, Ms. Zhang operated out of Shanghai and continued her activities on behalf of RCITC when she relocated to the Netherlands in 2019. Since then, she has continued her responsibilities as Executive Vice President of RCITC from her current location in the Netherlands.

Ms. Zhang continues to maintain contact with law firms and Government Agencies in China who are involved in international trade. She participated in the contract negotiations processes on behalf of RCITC, and has provided guidance and support to RCITC working teams in the preparation of the responses to the various questionnaires prepared on behalf of the Chinese and foreign exporters.

Also, she actively participates in all proceedings in the cases that RCITC is involved with, including conducting market research and input into case arguments and rebuttal arguments.

As RCITC activities expand into other areas of marketing such as security systems and related products, Ms. Zhang leadership in identifying and securing reliable sources of supply in Asia, facilitates the company’s growing reputation in this field.

Ms. Zhang is fluent in Mandarin, English and Cantonese.