Trade In Goods & Services

Solar Systems and Solar Street Lights

RC International Trade Consultants is actively seeking to develop working relationships with reliable manufacturers of solar systems and solar street light in Asia, for residential and commercial applications.

Our targeted markets are focused on developing countries such as Guyana and other countries in South America, the Caribbean, Central America, Africa as well South Asian countries.

In order to accomplish our marketing objectives, we are also seeking affiliations with reliable local business persons located in our targeted markets.

We offer reliable affordable stand-alone solar systems capable of generating from 1K to 10K watts and above for daily usage.

We also offer reliable all-in-one solar street lights powered by lithium batteries for greater efficiency, longer life and reliability.

Security Systems

RCITC is in the process of developing contacts with Chinese suppliers of
(a). Solar Powered Outdoor Security Cameras
(b). Solar Powered Floodlights
(c). Solar Powered Motion Detector Sirens
(d). Personal Alarm Systems
(e). Stand Alone Residential Alarm Systems
Our target markets are islands in the Caribbean, Guyana South America and the